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Child Labor Policy 


Management no: RBM-JSVB-19

Version: 02


This Policy is establish in order to meet laws standard in any manufacturing activities and give the guidance on how to handle when there are child or/and junior labors working in the company.


This Policy applies to all child/juniors labors are working in the company.


  1. Definition:

  • Child labor is the labor force under 15 years old

  • Persons aged between full 15 years and under 18 years are not allowed to do the jobs or work at the workplace as prescribed in Article 147 of this Code.

  • Persons aged from full 13 years old to less than 15 years old are only allowed to do jobs according to the list issued by the Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

  • Persons under the age of 13 may only do the jobs specified in Clause 3, Article 145 of this Code.

  • Discoverer are any individual, department in the company or related parties discover child and junior labor.

  • Suitable jobs are the jobs that designed for child/junior labor, that does not impact their physical development, not hazardous, total hours of study, working, moving (including shool/work) is not exceed 10 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

  • Child Labor Representative can be parents, grand parents from both sides, blood related aunties or uncles, guardian.


  1. Abbreviation

  • Human Resources Director       : HRD

  • Human Resources Manager      : HRM

  • Child Labor                               : CL

  • Junior Labor                              : JL




Process of age verification

For the entry-level labor recruitment, priority is given to using ID card / citizen's identity over birth certificate to serve to determine the employee's age because ID card has a photo of the employee.

Note: calculating the age must be exact from month and year of birth

With recruited employees, HR department will randomly call and interview some employees who suspect that their identity papers are dishonest, then ask some detailed information, such as elementary school, secondary school, information about family members? To verify that it matches the information previously declared in the record.


Company strictly prohibit its employees to take part in or support child labor. JSV dont utilize labor child under any form, from simple to skilled work.


JSV does not hire child labor, however if any child labor found working for the company (being hired by faking his age or/and using others identity), the folowing steps shall need to be done:


  1. When the information received, HRD and the concerned department, other employees (so called discoverers) inform to HRD name of the child and its department. 

  2. HRD is responsible to cordinate with concerned departments or/and individual to verify the information of the found child labor. The verification could be done via several channels such as contact his/her local authority to recheck his/her ID Card, household book and other personal papers (driving license), Birth Certificate, request for confirmation from local authority where the child labor was born or is residing. Furthermore, education, temporary residence.. are also need to reconfirmed.

  3. Once the accurate age of the employee is identified, HRD will inform the discoverer and concerned parties about the result (if requested) and report for corrective actions:

  • Immediately stop the child working, and invite his/her parents or representatives;

  • HRM discuss with the child representative about replacement. In the case there is no proper replacement, and the family really suffer the difficulties, the company shall provide an allowance within limitation to compensate for the loss of income due to the child stop working.

  • HRM discuss with the child representative to accomodate further education. Company will pay for their school fee (at public shool), uniform, stationaries... Child Representative must ensure that the child continues his/her study, at least high school completion.

  • Quartely, HRD follows up with family and school to update his/her result. Health status will be updated every 6 month.

  • When the child reachs 15 years old, JSV will invite them to be back under junior labor term. If the child does not agree, the relation between the child and JSV is terminated. If he/she does, he/she will be entitled to junior labor policy. Previous service time would be reserved for all and any insurance benefit, tenure benefit, bonus as per company policy.



When the company hires junior labor: HRD explains the policy about junior labor:

  • Do not assign junior labor to work in hazadous environment, any work that are heavy, dangerious or/and in contact with harmful chemical.

  • Total working time must not exceed 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week, no overtime or night shift are allowed.

  •  Entitle to 14 paid day annual leave if he/she complete 12 months working for the company, not including the transportation time as per law.

  • Entitle to 2 health check per year.

  • If he/she wishes, the company will support school fee for him/her to complete the educaton program, up to 18 years old.

  •  Company will not assign any work during study time. Total hours of study, work and moving back and forth between each location can not exceed 10 hours per day.

  • When the junior labor reaches 18 years old, HRD shall remove him/her from the list of the Junior labor and inform to the related parties, properly record in the check-list and achieved file.

  • Working time under junior is also considered as total service time for any insurance benefit, tenure benefit, bonus..... as per company policy.

  • HRD is responsible to record and update the monitor check-list of the junior labor.




  • Widely disseminate the Policy on Child Labor and Junior Labor in the whole company.

  • Carefully check the CV of the candidates before recruitment (recruitment procedures)

  • Encourage employees to report to Management, HRD or Trade Union shall any child labor suspected or found.

  • Monitor, report to Management about any incident of child labor, provide corrective and preventive recommendation.


Soren Roed Pedersen

General Director

Date of effect: 22/01/2021

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